Pillar Content Strategy


Learn how to craft a content marketing strategy that both humans and search engines will love.

You Will

  • Learn about Topic Cluster Methodology, a new approach to SEO
  • Understand how to build a pillar page
  • Know how to use HubSpot’s new Content Strategy tool

The HummingBird Update

  • Google’s current core search algorithm
  • Designed to better understand searcher’s intent
  • Parses phrases instead of keywords using NLP

The Rank Brain Update

  • Machine learning technology
  • Used to interpret searches that people submit that may not have the exact words that were searched for i.e. sneakers → running shoes

What Top SEO’s Do Differently

  • Moved away from only optimizing around exact match keywords
  • Produce comprehensive u0026amp; semantic-rich content around specific topics
  • Emphasize SEO-friendly site architecture and consistent internal linking
  • Aggressively promote their content through link building, repurposing, paid channels etc.

Think of your content like a series of pillars, a stabilizing foundation for your marketing strategy.


Think of your content like a series of pillars, a stabilizing foundation for your marketing strategy.


Sales Qualification

Core topic should should be a broad term

  • The term:
  • Between 2-4 words in length
  • Industry specific, educational
  • Supports product or service
  • “Head tail” keyword

Sales Qualifiction

  • What is a qualified prospect?
  • Qualification frameworks?
  • Qualifying Leads?
  • What is BANT?
  • Why disqualifying isn’t a bad thing
  • When to disqualify

Benefits of Ungating Content

  • Attracts organic traffic
  • Increase in quality conversions
  • Solves for the person visiting your page

90% of website visitors prefer to read from a PDF as opposed to a website page.

Ungating premium content and offering a relevant download solves for the human experience.

The 10 x Content Pillar Page

  • Mostly owned content
  • Deep dive on core topic
  • Format is similar to an ungated eBook e.g. Beginner’s Guide to SEO

The Resource Pillar

  • Owned content + outbound links
  • Bookmarkable” reference page (e.g. Customer Acquisition Strategies for Entrepreneurs )

Etuma helps businesses transform unstructured text data into business decision-making information.

Pillar Page Layout Tips

  • Core topic referenced in page title
  • Core topic referenced in URL
  • Top navigation
  • Core topic referenced in H1 tag
  • Definition of core topic (if applicable)
  • Conversion-focused landing page elements
  • Anchor-linked table of contents
  • Images with core topic referenced in alt text
  • H2 tags for section headers
  • Related core topic terms throughout the page’s content
  • Links to relevant internal resources
  • Links to relevant external resources
  • Back to top button

We are receiving about 4x leads (if you measure by quality) compared to before the text analysis content pillar.”

Matti Etuma

Townsend Security is a full-service software security provider.

Townsend Security decided to fight back by creating an ungated, comprehensive resource content pillar page around a broad topic.

Goal: become thought leader on encryption key management.

of people who visited the encryption key management content pillar downloaded the guide.

Townsend Security