help you protect your business against advanced threats and cyberattacks

Deploy Your Safety Net

provide an underlying layer of managed detection and response—so you can defend against malicious footholds, ransomware and more.

Add ThreatOps to Your Arsenal

Our human-powered threat hunting goes beyond automation, providing you with the 24/7 support and expertise needed to stop advanced attacks.

Empower Your Staff

With one-click remediation, custom incident reports and powerful integrations, we help your staff level-up and respond to security events like never before.

Persistent Footholds

Track down and evict hackers who are hiding in plain sight

Ransomware Canaries

Enable earlier detection of potential ransomware incidents

Managed Antivirus

Maximize frontline protection with Microsoft Defender

External Recon

Highlight external vulnerabilities to tighten your perimeter defense

Human-Powered Threat Hunting

Ransomware. Antivirus evasion. Persistent threats. Obfuscated malware. 

Most cybersecurity tools rely on automation to try and stop malicious activity—but hackers are outsmarting software. It’s time to put the power of real human threat hunters to work for your business. 

ThreatOps team fills a critical gap in your security stack, providing you with a team of always-on expert security professionals. They look into potential threats, analyze hacker tradecraft, create incident reports and help remediate cyber threats.