Editorial Calendars – Why They’re Important

Whether you’re a blogger, comparison site, or focus on paid search, you have a lot on your plate. There’s much to think about when it comes to promoting – what does your audience want, do any advertisers have something unique to promote or a special deal , is there something special coming up (e.g. trend, holiday, season, etc.)? It’s enough to leave you blank when it comes time to create.

This is why an editorial (content) calendar is important and no longer just for a big brand’s marketing team. It’s a tool for anyone out there creating content and building their own brand. Actually, while an editorial calendar is crucial for a big marketing team to hit their goals and stay on the same page, it’s a lifesaver for affiliates trying to manage multiple brands and channels, all while tackling their other day-to-day tasks. If you find yourself doing affiliate marketing as a side hustle and find it hard to carve out time, or if you want to promote more but can’t seem to figure out how and when then an editorial calendar needs to be your next step.

Key Benefits to an Editorial Calendar

Keeps you organized. Helps you stay consistent for your audience. Lets you see everything at a glance for easy changes and/or additions. Multi-channel visibility. With your calendar, you can carve out space in your busy schedule to promote your product or service and not miss out on an opportunity to promote relevant content to your audience. Even marking space for our monthly ready-to-post articles can be helpful in planning your time. This also helps you gauge how much you are promoting versus other advertisers you are partnered with.

Creating your calendar can also be as simple or complex as you need it to be. If new to the idea, try something simple with a monthly calendar that includes basic topics/brands listed. From this, you can progress into a more detailed calendar that features topics, draft dates, editorial dates, social pushes, and more. In the end, it’s what works for you, but no matter what you choose, having a calendar available is going to make a world of difference.

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