Data Strategies (Daas)

What is Daas?

Data-as-a-service is a process of connecting all data points to a single source and compiling it into a comprehensive report, allowing you to grow better – faster.

Custom reporting of data-driven efforts, that focus on the essential KPIs, can help marketing and sales teams communicate better. These reports help teams understand where there might be problems and focus on what will impact the bottom line.

Why Daas?

Goal setting and measuring success are crucial aspects of data-driven marketing and sales. Daas helps us overcome both of these challenges on a daily basis.

we are able to set goals and notifications to show our progress over time and whether or not we are going to be able to achieve our objectives this week/month/quarter/year. At the same time, we can simplify campaign reporting by creating Databoards that update automatically and that the team can access.

  • Improved and simplified weekly/monthly/live reporting
  • Custom reports to measure and showcase success from a specific effort or campaign
  • Custom reporting to change the conversation to a more data-driven strategy
  • Custom reporting to connect the dots between different tools (HubSpot, Adwords, Facebook Ads, and many other tools that integrate into Databox)

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