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Rock Street, San Francisco
Rock Street, San Francisco
Okay, before you run off for that well made java, this is not simply another one of those content strategy blogs’. Well, yes, it is about content advertising strategy, however it looks at where you are going wrong.

Ask yourself something:

  • Why are you creating the content you’re creating?
  • How are you calculating its effectiveness?
  • How do you choose what kind of content to place out?
If you do not have a well-planned content marketing strategy, you won’t be able to get the right content in the right format out to the right audience in the right time.

To summarise, you are simply creating content for the sake of it. Things to contemplate when making your content strategy. Granted, writing is a good way of getting your info across, but it is also time intensive to read and, let us face it, a little boring. Think about your audience and what it’s they might like.

Mix it up a little with:

  • infographics
  • videos
  • cartoons
  • as well as music.
This type of content is very acceptable and will help widen your reach. Talking of increasing reach, how do you assess the success of your strategy? Lots of businesses look at web traffic as their primary metric. Content is there to entice readers, so really the best measurement is the number of additional traffic it brings. Traffic is great, however it does not mean you’ll automatically sell more. If you plump for traffic amount as your prime metric all you are doing is measuring an action not effects.

Sales lead quality and amount Direct sales Merchandise knowledge.

These metrics give an immediate relationship to the potency of your content strategy and sales. Let us face all of it the traffic in the world is worthless if it does not convert into sales. Before you get back to work to thine own very own strategy. Ensure you’re putting out a wide range of content formats and measuring its impact utilizing the goals above.

Post Author: Dreamstate Digital